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Friday, 31/12/3000 18:30

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Friday, 31/12/3000 18:30

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a class or event?

Events and classes are taught at retailers or studios. Sometimes signup happens through these partners, other times they happen through this site. Either way, you'll find information and links about signing up in the 'More Info' column.

If you have questions please do hesitate to contact me.

Can my child participate in an event marked as for adults?

Generally speaking, I don't have any problems with having kids in classes for adults if they would require the same amount of attention as adults. The ultimate decision lies with the organisation I'm teaching for though and we would review a request on a case by case basis. Please don't book your spot until you've confirmed this though, because often class enrolment is non-refundable.

Can you teach at my school / event / shop?

I love teaching and creativity. I teach a wide range of creative topics such as:

  • brand and website design;
  • art for kids or adults;
  • live creation of original art for corporate/non-profits, team building or retail event

Feel free to contact me to discuss and more information!