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The Goals That Had Failed

I thought about Goals that had failed me. Goals that had brought me further. Goals that had brought new ideas. Goals that had become overwhelming. All. The. Goals.

As I developed the worksheets I realised that I had developed a love/hate relationship with goals. And that sometimes the goal had become overwhelming because I had allowed it to become my own personal measuring stick. Not in a good sort of analytical way, like 'I aimed to get those first drafts in before the deadline and I did' but more like 'the goal was to sell all pieces and you didn't reach that so... you clearly failed there, Lottie".

And somehow the goal that had started as a direction to move toward had started to hand out judgement on me, and let me tell you... that's no motivator.

In fact, if you want to fail at meeting goals do it that way. It's a sure way to NOT want to reach it or feel no joy when you do reach it. Ugh.

Goals Give Direction, Not A Measuring Stick

Goals, at their best, give a direction to go toward but they are not a fixed destination. They don't get to take over and decide whether you made it in good time or whether you took the most efficient route.

  • The goals you have for your home can help you choose furniture or art or decorations but it's not a measuring stick to see how cozy/fashionable/crafty it is.

  • The goals you have for your kids can help guide them, but they do not measure your worth as a mother.

  • The goals you have for your business help decide on the projects you take on but they don't tell you if you are successful.

Goals Help Make the Plan

So after finishing the Goal section I've realised that it's good to have them and to make the plan. But it's a tool, like Google Maps. And it doesn't have the right to voice opinions on whether the amount of stops you made along your route were adequate. Or that you should have reached it sooner. Or that you shouldn't have taken that right turn (or am I the only one who takes wrong turns even with the navigation on?!)

Once I realised that, my goal-setting felt lighter and more fun 🥳

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