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This color inspiration post is all about those golden hour sunsets and the color that impressionists love: dusty pink

Not only will you find some beautiful photos to inspire new ideas, you’ll also find a color combination palette and a quick creative challenge that will give you some peace in what a lot of us may experience as a time of chaos.

Fun fact about the color pink: did you know that experiments show that pink is a calming color and according to Schauss, that's because the heart muscles can't race fast enough when surrounded by pink. (Source: The Little Book of Color, Karen Haller)

The Color Palette

Creative Challenge

To challenge yourself creatively, try and make 2 pieces with exactly the same subject but in different colour palettes.

The first would be colours you would naturally gravitate toward.

The second a palette you've never tried before.

For example, if you normally gravitate toward muted tones, try something bright on your second piece. Or, if you normally favor warm colours, go cold. When you're done, be sure to check back in with yourself about how you feel when you look at each colour combination.

I normally use muted greens, browns and soft pinks in my illustration work so I decided to go full bright color this week to try this exercise.

I was absolutely amazed at how much I enjoyed working with brights and I'm going to be incorporating them in my work in the future.

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